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The story of “Young Folk”


The story and inspiration

behind Josh Lovelace's album "Young Folk", the fruit of a lifelong passion for children’s music, which helped inspire Josh to become a professional musician. 

Now the keyboardist for the Grammy-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, Lovelace says, "I always knew I wanted to make a record for kid... And I knew I wanted to make the music folky and accessible, rather than annoying or watered down." The resulting album, inspired by homespun musicians from Wilco to James Taylor, tells the story of Lovelace’s family – and lots of other loving families, as well. 

“This record is a love letter to my kids,” Josh says. “I hope it's a special thing for them to cherish. When I'm on the road, their dad‘s voice fills the room, even when he’s thousands of miles away. But also, songs have lives of their own, and I’m excited for other people to hear the songs, and maybe adopt them as a part of their family too.”

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